TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa]

iGO R3 Europa TeleAtlas maps release 05.2012 Europe

NEW!!!iGO R3 Europa TomTom 2012 Q2 Maps, Fpa, Ftr, Hnr, Poi Legacy and Poi Premium


NEW!!! iGO R3 Navteq Europa 2012.Q3 FBL/FSP/POI/3D/FDA/FPA /FTR

New!!! iGO PRIMO 2.0 i3 Truck Maps Europe 2012 (FBL,FTR,FDA,FPA,POI) “NAVTEQ Q1.2012”

Europe maps This is the CONTENT (folder) from the latest (2.4.1) iGo primo 2 from iPhone Igo Europe App Store + some addons.
Usually the maps don’t work if you mix the providers (ex Navtec, TA or TopMap), but this collection is working!
This collection can be used on any igo supported platforms (WinCE, Android etc)
Maps: Albania – Navidoo Sistem DOO 2011.07 Andorra – Navteq 2012.Q1 Austria – Navteq 2012.Q1 Basemap – NIMA VMAP0 2012.03 Belgium – 2012.Q1
Bosnia Herzegovina – Navido Sistem DOO 2011.07 Bulgaria – MMCN 2011.07 Croatia – Navidoo Sistem DOO 2011.07 Cyprus – Epsilon GIS Tech 2011.07 Czech Republic – CEDA 2011.07 Denmark – Navteq 2012.Q1 Estonia – Regio 2011.07 Finland – Navteq 2012.Q1 FYRM – Navidoo Sistem DOO 2011.10 France – NAvteq 2012.Q1 Germany – Navteq 2012.Q1 Gibraltar – Navteq 2012.Q1 Greece – Epsilon GIS Tech 2011.07
Hungary – Topmap 2012.04 Iceland – Navteq 2012.Q1 Ireland – NAvteq 2012.Q1 Italy – Navteq 2012.q1 Latvia – Regio 2011.07 Liechtestein – Navteq 2012.Q1 Lithuania – Regio 2011.07
Luxembourg – NAvteq 2012.Q1 Malta – Navteq 2012.Q1 Monaco – Navteq 2012.q1 Montenegro – Contrast DOO 2011.07 Netherlands – Navteq 2012.Q1 Norway – Navteq 2012.Q1 Poland – Emapa SP ZOO 2012.04
Portugal – Navteq 2012.Q1 Romania – Tompmap Zrt 2012.04 San Marino – Navteq 2012.Q1 Serbia – Contrast DOO 2011.07 Slovakia – CEDA 2011.10 Slovenia – Monolit 2012.04 Spain – Navteq 2012.Q1
Sweden – Navteq 2012.Q1 Switzerland – Navteq 2012.Q1 Turkey Basarsoft Computer Systems 2012.04 Ukraine – CarteBlanche 2011.03 United Kingdom – Navteq 2012.Q1 Vatican City – Navteq 2012.Q1

NEW!! iGO R3 2012.Q3 TopMaps (Local Providers) Estern Europa

iGO R3 2012.07 TopMaps (Local Providers) Estern Europa

NEW!! iGO R3 Middle East Maps 2012.Q3

iGO WhereIs R19 Australian And R8 Zealand 2012 Q1 Maps for iGO

iGO R3 US-Canada TeleAtlas 2011 Q3 Maps, Premium Poi, Hnr

iGO Navteq US-Canada 2012.Q2

NEW!! iGO R3 Navteq US-Canada 2012.Q3

iGO R3 South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland 2010 Q3 Maps and Poi’s

iGO R3 South East Asia 2011.03, Basemap, Brunri Darussalam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore. Maps, Poi, Building, Dem
And only Maps: Thailand, Taiwan and And SouthEast Asia Premium Dem files

NEW iGO TomTom R3 South East Asia 2012.03 and 2012.06 Maps and POI
Brunei_Darussalam R3 TT 2012.03, Hong_Kong_China R3 TT 2012.03, Indonesia R3 TT 2012.03 Macao_China R3 TT 2012.03, Malaysia R3 TT 2012.03, Singapore R3 TT 2012.03 Thailand R3 TT 2012.06

NEW iGO R3 Brazil NT 2012 Q1 Maps

iGO8 R3 India Navteq 2011.Q2

NEW iGO R3 Israel GM 2012.08

The best Igo Primo software ever, thanks to zervdim
iGO Primo 2.0 International Edition March 2012 zervdim Greece

iGO Primo 2.0 WM 5/6/6.5 “209584”WinCe

Primo 2.0 9.6.5 “216230” Dec 14 2011 Support Resolution 800×480, 480×272

NEW!! iGO Primo

INFO> Also where to put the different map files

FTR> Truck Info > /Content/MAP
FPA> Proximity Alerts > /Content/MAP
FDA> Driver Alerts > /Content/MAP
FBL> Actual Maps > /Content/MAP
HNR> Defined Routes > /Content/MAP
3DC> 3D Buildings > /Content/Building
3DL> 3D Landmarks > /Content/Building
PH> Regional Voice Corrections > /Content/Phoneme
DEM> Map Terrain > /Contents/DEM
POI> Points of Interest > /Contents/POI







TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa] TeleAtlas TomTom iGO8/Primo R3 Maps Q2.2012 [05.2012][Fbl,Hnr,Ftr.Fpa]

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