Something wierd RNS510. Map screen freeze.

Something wierd RNS510. Map screen freeze.


Hi AllUsed the great instructions on this site up update my rns510 to firmware 5238 with v13 maps. All working really well. However we went on our first long journey and something strange happened.

The moving nav map suddenly stopped moving ( froze ) but the voice instructions carried on. Also the details along the bottom of the screen ie miles / time etc kept updating. Only the map stopped updating. This happened twice in 1.5 hours. We could use the buttons and menu to change destination etc but the map remained frozen.

We had to stop the car and switch off the engine to get it working again !

I think GPS is ok because the instructions were correct and made sense so the location seemed ok and the unit knew where it was on the map data.

Some details about my unit;

Unit before update – from hidden menu




From sticker on unit

1T0035680C !

HW: 11

SW: 2760 ( crossed out )

I think this unit was NOT original in the car.

Unit after update – from test menu.

Delivery part number 1T0035680L

HW: H11

SW : C_EU_13.236_t3

HW Vehicle : 0xC001

Some any ideas or suggestions? I think I can try to reload the software or maybe upgrade to 5274 but I’m not sure this will work as I am 0xC001. Car is a VW Transporter 2018-2019.

Thanks again for this great site


Change unit type from Skoda to Volkswagen

Hello .. i bougt a Skoda Columbus RNS510 and i want to convert it to Volkswagen from the meniu to the SMD light ! I think is more people intersted here ..* With the light from buttons i understand that i have to change the front motherboard or just the SMD

* With the bootlogo it’s easy i change it with a CD

* The menu colour from Green to Red ?

* The buttons from steering wheel not working ..

This link is working great !


Looking for Q3 Nav and Update files

Looking for Q3 Nav and Update files

Hi guys,After downloading many different maps and files from here i cannot get anything to work. To that end i wonder if anyone can help me get a working map for the following (will pay for any assistance):-

Audi Q3

UK Model – 2019

S-Line with 3 part steering wheel

NO HDD, it’s the model with the twin SD slots and the dvd drive (and screen on dashboard that you “push” to close).

Current software version – RMC_EU_P12321 (Would like to get an update for this also – if there is one out there)

I am looking for Maps and Activation if possible, and like i said earlier i am more than happy to pay for a working version (anythings cheaper than Audi Main Dealer

Thanks in advance,



RNS 510 TMC Problem

RNS 510 TMC Problem

Hello guys,I need some help with TMC service on my RNS 510!For a while the TMC is not working,today I went to setings and I saw there is no possibility to chose the transmiter station. I live in Italy,and I remember before,there were two stations with TMC service. Somewhere on the web,I readed that possible cause of this problem can be updating of the map. And if remember well,this problem started after I had updated my unit to V12 map. Someone said,it’s because of bad burning of disc.

Finaly i found a good version:


Skoda Columbus DAB (RNS510)

Skoda Columbus DAB (RNS510)

var yuipath = ‘clientscript/yui’;
var yuicombopath = ”;
var remoteyui = false;

var yuipath = ‘clientscript/yui’;
var yuicombopath = ”;
var remoteyui = true;
if (!yuicombopath)


var SESSIONURL = “s=00b5cb8851452c7d474af5a5c0a7f53d&”;
var SECURITYTOKEN = “guest”;
var IMGDIR_MISC = “images/misc”;
var IMGDIR_BUTTON = “images/buttons”;
var vb_disable_ajax = parseInt(“0”, 10);
var SIMPLEVERSION = “4112”;

var LOGGEDIN = 0 > 0 ? true : false;
var THIS_SCRIPT = “showthread”;
var RELPATH = “showthread.php?t=36156”;


  1. Skoda Columbus DAB (RNS510)


    I have a Skoda Columbus with DAB (part number 3T0 035 686 C) and there’s no sound from the speakers at all. Also, I loaded some music onto the hard drive via SD card, and it refuses to play I can see the tracks on the hard drive, but select one to play and it doesn’t load. It won’t play music from the SD card either.



    Re: Skoda Columbus DAB (RNS510)

    Someone had updated the firmware and made a balls of it. Reloaded properly and all appears to be working. Here full version:




Andorra, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland

Thought i would share this with you ,havent found a link to any of the other disks yet . but ive put this up on mega dont know how long it will last . please share .

fully working copy burned verified burned with pioneer 115d speed x2.4 verbatim media .


Audi MMI 2G 2019 Unofficial Full Europe

Audi MMI 2G 2019 Unofficial Full Europe

Now it works. my torrent program had chosen another port…One more thing. There is also a .LIT file on the mercedes DVD. The last years Audi has not included the LIT file in the dvd’s, but on the 2012 Russia version and the North america 2012/2018-2019 version there are .LIT files. Anyone knows what they are for?

I also made a version with the .LIT file (700MB extra) included and i see no difference. Only the calculation of the route takes longer. When i listen to the dvd drive i hear it searching/reading the disk all the time. Maybe Audi removed the file and split Europe in 2 parts because of the performance.


EDIT: I tried the version with the LIT file for a few days, but it gives read errors after some time. I am still curious what this file is about.


Opel Astra – CD500

Opel Astra – CD500
Good afternoon,

I have an Opel Astra 11/21010 with CD500 navigation system. To update the maps what software should I download?

CD70 is compatible?


Mercedes Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2019/2018-2019

Mercedes Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2019/2018-2019

Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2019/2018-2019 on
Navi-color code: light blueNavigation Update, COMAND APS, Europe, version 2019/2018-2019


The brimful DVD contains navigation data for 33 European countries, with streets and roads, towns, villages and many special destinations: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Vatican City. All of Western Europe is covered by the version of 2019/2018-2019! More than 8 million kilometers of road navigation in Version 2019/2018-2019 knows Europe. In Eastern Europe, Romania and Montenegro are fully covered in addition to Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary now. In the following countries the collection of detailed road network has been extended: Bulgaria: + 5 percent, Serbia: + 1 percent. With Version 2019/2018-2019 approximately 721,000 cities and towns are to be triggered. The precise navigation to the desired number has been extended. While the house numbers are recorded in full in the Central and Northern European countries, largely, the cover in the following countries could be improved: France: + 2 per cent, Poland: + 3 percent, Portugal: + 13 percent, Romania: + 10 percent, Sweden : + 11 percent. About 2.2 million particularly important objectives are included on the DVD, for example petrol stations, car parks, museums, restaurants and hospitals. Compared to the old version so are over 340,000 POIs longer available. Solo 191 604 43 557 restaurants and sports centers have been also included in the new version 2019/2018-2019. In addition, displays the navigation on request also the quickest route to 3,203 Mercedes-Benz service partners. Based on the data the Traffic Message Channel Navigation takes into account the current traffic alerts for highways and automatically calculates detours. This convenient service is available now in 12 countries available, which have been brought up to date for these Release 6. A list of available countries, see the appendix of the Telematics News of this product. Map Updates include millions of changes, such as new roads, intersections, bypasses, interchanges and expressway or slip roads. A road segment may several properties, such as House number and one-way information, the number of lanes or turn restrictions include. All of these attributes, as well as the considerable number of points of interest are constantly updated.

Item number: A1698270100


A class (> 09/04 <07/08)

B-Class (<07/08)

C-Class (> 04/04 <03/07)

CLK-Class (<10/08)

G-Class (> 03/07 <09/08)

GL-Class (<07/08)

M-Class (> 07/05 <07/08)

R-Class (<07/08)

Sprinter (> 01/06 <11/09)

Smart Forfour (> 03/04 <07/06)


The reason is when the last update from mercedes is older than 5 years the dics will not work . You need to install an older version first to update your system.



Audi MMI 2G 2019 Full europe with TomTom database !

Audi MMI 2G 2019 Full europe with TomTom database !I modified the Database from Mercedes NTG2 (2019/2018-2019) to work with Audi MMI 2G.

– The database is from 2019.Q2, same as Audi 2019
– The difference is NTG2 uses Tomtom as source for the maps.
– Whole Europe on 1 DVD.
– POI’s have slight different categories.

Tested and working. I hope you like it.