RNS 510 DAB traffic announcements

Hya everyone.I see in setup on the RNS 510 with original DAB integrated that there is an option for ” DAB traffic announcements” However, there are never any such announcements posted under the “traffic” button or in the map, there are just normal TMC.┬áRNS 510 DAB I think som DAB-cannels in Norway transmit traffic-announcements over the DAB network. I found this navigation wich works great for me.Thanks


OFFICIAL WIP Nav + Peugeot Alert Zone October 2015

And here you have latest Alert Zone from October 2015 (i purchased them just now)

OFFICIAL WIP Nav + Peugeot Alert Zone October 2015-128.png

The Peugeot Alert Zone database is updated monthly.

In accordance with local legislation, the Peugeot Alert Zone database contains information on high-risk zones in the following countries:

– Danger zone alerts: France

– Traffic light camera alerts, speed camera alerts: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Andorra.

IMPORTANT: the Installation Wizard requires prior installation of Adobe Flash and Adobe Air (free download). Furthermore, the Peugeot Alert Zone database can also be downloaded and installed manually.

Please note: installation of a new Peugeot Alert Zone database overwrites the previous version.


Mercedes Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2015/2016

Mercedes Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2015/2016

Comand NTG2 V 17.0 2015/2016 on mega.co.nz
Navi-color code: light blueNavigation Update, COMAND APS, Europe, version 2015/2016


The brimful DVD contains navigation data for 33 European countries, with streets and roads, towns, villages and many special destinations: Andorra, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Vatican City. All of Western Europe is covered by the version of 2015/2016! More than 8 million kilometers of road navigation in Version 2015/2016 knows Europe. In Eastern Europe, Romania and Montenegro are fully covered in addition to Croatia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Slovak Republic, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Hungary now. In the following countries the collection of detailed road network has been extended: Bulgaria: + 5 percent, Serbia: + 1 percent. With Version 2015/2016 approximately 721,000 cities and towns are to be triggered. The precise navigation to the desired number has been extended. While the house numbers are recorded in full in the Central and Northern European countries, largely, the cover in the following countries could be improved: France: + 2 per cent, Poland: + 3 percent, Portugal: + 13 percent, Romania: + 10 percent, Sweden : + 11 percent. About 2.2 million particularly important objectives are included on the DVD, for example petrol stations, car parks, museums, restaurants and hospitals. Compared to the old version so are over 340,000 POIs longer available. Solo 191 604 43 557 restaurants and sports centers have been also included in the new version 2015/2016. In addition, displays the navigation on request also the quickest route to 3,203 Mercedes-Benz service partners. Based on the data the Traffic Message Channel Navigation takes into account the current traffic alerts for highways and automatically calculates detours. This convenient service is available now in 12 countries available, which have been brought up to date for these Release 6. A list of available countries, see the appendix of the Telematics News of this product. Map Updates include millions of changes, such as new roads, intersections, bypasses, interchanges and expressway or slip roads. A road segment may several properties, such as House number and one-way information, the number of lanes or turn restrictions include. All of these attributes, as well as the considerable number of points of interest are constantly updated.

Item number: A1698270100


A class (> 09/04 <07/08)

B-Class (<07/08)

C-Class (> 04/04 <03/07)

CLK-Class (<10/08)

G-Class (> 03/07 <09/08)

GL-Class (<07/08)

M-Class (> 07/05 <07/08)

R-Class (<07/08)

Sprinter (> 01/06 <11/09)

Smart Forfour (> 03/04 <07/06)


The reason is when the last update from mercedes is older than 5 years the dics will not work . You need to install an older version first to update your system.