Peugeot 4007 MMCS update?

Peugeot 4007 MMCS

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    Peugeot 4007 MMCS update?

    Have someone experiences with updating this MMCS navi? Its same like in Citroen C-Cruiser or Mitsubishi. Tried find any info, and got success…

    Peugeot 4007 MMCS update?-wp_20151009_09_24_43_pro.jpg

    Navigation maps

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OFFICIAL WIP Nav + Peugeot Alert Zone October 2015

And here you have latest Alert Zone from October 2015 (i purchased them just now)

OFFICIAL WIP Nav + Peugeot Alert Zone October 2015-128.png

The Peugeot Alert Zone database is updated monthly.

In accordance with local legislation, the Peugeot Alert Zone database contains information on high-risk zones in the following countries:

– Danger zone alerts: France

– Traffic light camera alerts, speed camera alerts: Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Portugal, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Andorra.

IMPORTANT: the Installation Wizard requires prior installation of Adobe Flash and Adobe Air (free download). Furthermore, the Peugeot Alert Zone database can also be downloaded and installed manually.

Please note: installation of a new Peugeot Alert Zone database overwrites the previous version.