Audi Navigation Plus RNS-E Central-East Europe DVD9 2014


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Audi Navigation Plus RNS-E Central-East Europe DVD9 2014 maps download.PRODUCT INFO:
————-Part.-No. 8P0060884BQ

Compatible with:

A3 2003-2007
A3 2006-2008
A3 2009-2012
A3 Cabriolet 2008-2014
A3 Sportback 2005-2008
A3 Sportback 2009-2013
A4 Avant 2001-2005
A4 Avant 2005-2008
A4 Cabriolet 2003-2006
A4 Cabriolet 2007-2009
A4 Limousine 2001-2004
A4 Limousine 2005-2007
A6 Avant 2002-2005
A6 Limousine 2002-2004
A6 allroad quattro 2000-2005
R8 Coupe 2013
R8 Coupé 2007-2012
R8 Spyder 2010-2012
R8 Spyder 2013
RS 3Sportback 2011-2013
S3 2007-2008
S3 2009-2013
S3 Sportback 2009-2013
TT Coupé 2007-2010
TT Coupé 2011-2014
TT RS Coupé 2010-2011
TT RS Coupé 2012-2014
TT RS Roadster 2010-2011
TT RS Roadster 2012-2014
TT Roadster 2007-2010
TT Roadster 2011-2014
TTS Coupé 2009-2010
TTS Coupé 2011-2014
TTS Roadster 2009-2010
TTS Roadster 2011-2014

Following Maps are included:

Austria, Croatia, Czech Republik, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Germany,
Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Sweeden,
Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Vatican City

Languages (voice and information):

German – English – French – Italian – Dutch – Portuguese – Spanish


– Burn on Verbatim DVD+R 8,5 Double Layer with ImgBurn (1x or slowest)!
– If you try other programs – set BookType “DVD-ROM” if available!
– HF


SOLVED: GEMMI_nav:0 error code 141

GEMMI_nav:0 error code 141

Hey guys,

I had a pretty bad experience yesterday with a happy ending, I thought it might be nice to share.The problem:

I’ve tried to update my firmware (MMI 3G+) to K0767 and got the following error:

GEMMI_nav:0 error code 141

I could only access “Retry” choice (but update kept blocking at 5% with the same error) or “Back” button that was useless

Unable to do anything else, even the Reset procedure didn’t work!

Root cause:

This is a file corruption error, the MMI didn’t like what it found on the SD card.

Because I’m a stupid software engineer who thinks he knows best, I didn’t trust the forums and copied the files from my mac onto the SD card (using command line to clean-up the .Trashes/ and alike folders)

So this is the lesson: DO NOT COPY FROM A MAC

Sub-lesson: better learn from other’s mistakes than redo the experience…


As stated previously, even a MMI reset procedure didn’t allow me to get out of the error.

As explained on a french forum, I had to unplug the battery to make the MMI reboot. At this point, it was still showing error (not finding whatever files) but at least that was allowing me to retry the upgrade. Note that I still couldn’t switch the MMI off, meaning it would suck my battery power to death…

So I went to my neighbor’s Windows PC, reformatted the SD card and extracted the RAR archive onto it.

Back to the car, update went fine and completed successfully after 30 minutes

Hope this experience will help some fellow here…


Firmware update SMEG+ IV2 (SMEG 6.x) – 6.1.D.R8 APPLE CARPLAY

Firmware update SMEG+

Hi everyone,Genuine, untouched file!

This is only for people with the new Peugeot 208 facelift, using SMEG+ IV.

You can update your SMEG system to the latest firmware: 6.1.D.R8

This does NOT work on older SMEG systems, so no 3.x or 5.x!

SMEG5.2CR1 -> NO

SMEG3.17.A.R3 -> NO

SMEG6.0.E.R6 -> YES

SMEG6.05.DR8 -> YES

SMEG6.0.5.ER1 -> YES

With this firmware, you can start using CARPLAY

After installation, you can use PP2000/LEXIA, or go to the dealer to activate carplay.

Your USB-stick should look like this in the root:

the update takes 15-18 minutes; around 50% of the time the system is VERIFYING data.

As long as you keep the ENGINE RUNNING all the time the upgrade should be okay.

Step to do are these:

1) Download the file of 940mb

2) Get a good USB stick of 1Gb or more

3) Format this stick and make it FAT32 filesystem

4) Use a good unpacker ( I use WinRAR ) to UNZIP the data to the CLEAN formatted FAT32 USB stick

5) in the root of the stick you put the folder SMEG_IV2_UPG ( so when you “explore” the USB driver you see just one folder “SMEG_IV2_UPG” )

6) go to the car and start the engine

7) pull out existing USB devices and insert the stick

8) the SMEG will take 2-3 minutes to “recognize” the stick and then it ASKS you if you want to update; press YES

9) the SMEG prepares the system and after 6 minutes it reboots.

10) you keep the USB stick in the USB port -> the SMEG reboots 4-5 times total operation WHILE the engine is running! takes 15-18 minutes

11) the SMEG comes back and you can verify your FW ( 6.1 now )

12) now you can switch of the engine; you are done

Whilest updating the SMEG ( steps 9-10 ) you see a “blue screen” with TEXT -> this is normal you can actually read the progress there.

Your MAPS and Speedcams are not deleted they remain in the unit; this file only changes / updates the operating system.

FileFactory: – FileFactory


no aduio after upgrade RT4

Hello experts I have upgraded RT4 from 7.11 to 8.11, the whole instalation was sucesfull,everything works except the audio – no radio, no navigation sound, nothing. I tried also 8.20 with same result, everything works again except the audio. The sound system is JBL. Is there any set up I have to do and enable the audio using peugeot planet. or can anyone share firmware 7.11 so I can downgrade it back.


Audi MMI 3G DVD 2015/2016 Europa

Audi MMI 3G Europe Maps (East & West) 2015/2016 DVD

For MMI 3G basic with DVD EUW_Ba_R_5.21.2 :

A4 Avant 2009-2011

A4 Avant 2012

A4 Saloon 2008-2011

A4 Saloon 2012

A4 Saloon 2008-2011

A4 Saloon 2012

A4 allroad quattro 2010-2011

A4 allroad quattro 2012

A5 Cabriolet 2010-2011

A5 Cabriolet 2012

A5 Coupé 2008-2011

A5 Coupé 2012

A5 Sportback 2010-2011

A5 Sportback 2012

A6 Avant 2009-2011

A6 Saloon 2009-2011

A6 Saloon 2009-2011

A6 allroad quattro 2009-2011

Q5 2009-2012

Q5 2013

Q5 hybrid 2012-2012

Q7 2010-2015

RS 4 Avant 2013

RS 5 Cabriolet 2013

RS 5 Coupé 2010-2012

RS 5 Coupé 2013

RS 6 Avant 2009-2011

RS 6 Saloon 2009-2011

RS 6 Saloon 2009-2011

S4 Avant 2009-2011

S4 Avant 2012

S4 Saloon 2009-2011

S4 Saloon 2012

S4 Saloon 2009-2011

S4 Saloon 2012

S5 Cabriolet 2010-2011

S5 Cabriolet 2012

S5 Coupé 2008-2011

S5 Coupé 2012

S5 Sportback 2010-2012

S5 Sportback 2012

S6 Avant 2009-2011

S6 Saloon 2009-2011

S6 Saloon 2009-2011

SQ5 2013




HELP!!! vw discover media change maps from Australia to Europe

Maps from Australia to Europe


Hi guys,I have a car imported from Australia over to the uk, it has factory fitted sat nav (discover media) and I want to use Europe maps but for this I need the eu maps license activation. I have tried to buy this from vw but when it arrives it is the Australian activation and sd card, this is not what I need so I sent it back and contacted vw customer services a couple of times and got 2 different answers

1. you can’t use satnav maps in the car in any other region than the one it was supplied to. (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa etc.)

2. you need to change the information electronics unit. (I have checked this and it is not a region specific part, it is supplied all over the world and you can change the region with coding)

as you can see vw don’t know what they are saying or doing.

I have changed the coding in my unit to now accept EU maps, I have downloaded the maps from and now my ODIS is asking for the license pin, I just can’t get the license from vw.

I have seen people selling discover media and discover pro units as retrofit kits fully unlocked, no vin needed, no license or activation needed. just plug and play.

so this is my question, can anyone help me get round the license activation so I can use EU maps in my Australian supplied car???

there must be a way to do it if people are selling retrofit kits for car that didn’t even come with sat nav in the first place.

thanks in advance guys.