Audi MMI 2G 2019 Unofficial Full Europe

Audi MMI 2G 2019 Unofficial Full Europe

Now it works. my torrent program had chosen another port…One more thing. There is also a .LIT file on the mercedes DVD. The last years Audi has not included the LIT file in the dvd’s, but on the 2012 Russia version and the North america 2012/2018-2019 version there are .LIT files. Anyone knows what they are for?

I also made a version with the .LIT file (700MB extra) included and i see no difference. Only the calculation of the route takes longer. When i listen to the dvd drive i hear it searching/reading the disk all the time. Maybe Audi removed the file and split Europe in 2 parts because of the performance.


EDIT: I tried the version with the LIT file for a few days, but it gives read errors after some time. I am still curious what this file is about.