RT6 eMyWay Wip Nav+ 2019-2 Opdate Problem.

Does anyone have a solution to, after updating the maps, so it asks for

one (CD with Navigation) which I have not since I use a USB stick.

And will not display anything, neither maps or points of interest

Everything has gone OK, activation and opdating maps, checked with Java Generator.

But writes that maps are updated. (All of Europe 2019 / 2018-2019)My Car. Peugeot 508 sw 2018-2019 model.

With RT6 eMyWay Wip Nav + Navigation

Hope someone can help me.

Thanks in advance


Nissan X6 2012-2018-2019 maps required

Happy new year allJust been doing a bit of housekeeping in the car, and fancied updating my 2011 maps ( downloaded from here many thanks), on my Nissan Tino X5 system.

Tried unsuccessfully to down load this CD from the sticky, and wondered if someone could reload for me to a free download site if possible, or suggest another altenative.

Many thanks in advance