No help for updating. !!!!!!

Hello. out thereNow I am one of those who bought Maps from our dear friend Sylver, totally amazing cheap. ??

And get to know that if there are problems with the update, use the forum.

Now, the fact that I got a problem with the update, and writes about it in a new thread, and expect some response, but no, not A SINGLE responds to my query, just a few who have been in and look, probably because they also have problems, I’m not,the only one who has problems with the update, as I have noticed in the thread where we bought the update, which will namely not given some reasonable answers.

I need a response from those who laid the updates out.

It may well be that you do not have a solution, but there must be someone who has solved the various problems.

I am writing this to get rid of some discontent, because I think it is too bad that so you can just sail in its own lake.


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