Group buy (RT6) – eMyWay – WIP Nav+ maps for Europe – 2015-2

eMyWay – WIP Nav+ maps for Europe


Hello folks again in 2015 (second part) Like always i can offer you a low cost solution to update your Peugeot/Citroen maps to 2015-2 version, which will be available around october.

There will be new map update 2015-2 for Peugeot/Citroen for (RT6) – eMyWay – WIP Nav+ (probably also for SMEG and SMEG+).
If you think that this price is too high for whole EU maps, then you can buy it yourself or wait till someone share new maps

Your contribution you will send me ONLY to my paypal (on paypal write your username of GPSU forum), so i can share download links with you (like always).

Purchased maps from Navteq/HERE i will get on a USB stick, which i will clone and send you a download links, so you can upgrade your maps (you will get detailed instructions).

I will send download links only to members, who will contribute for new 2015-2 maps.

I will also send you a new SW version (.iso) for update your SW version (if necessary) and new Alert Zone, which i will receive with new maps.

If you want to contribute and get the latest 2015-2 maps, please send me a PM and i will send you my paypal account and detailed instructions (my paypal account is the same like always).

Some new maps are already available, they are called 2015-2 and the map data is from 2016 Q4:

Group buy (RT6) - eMyWay - WIP Nav+ maps for Europe - 2015-2-capture.jpg



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