Blaupunkt FX 2012 V4 for RNS310 VW-Seat-Skoda

This CD’s can be used in VW, Seat and Skoda navigators that use Blaupunkt FX CD
Like 2011 version files created with CDRWin 5.05 so use ONLY this software to burn your maps,
if you can use a WinXP or run in compatible mode XP SP3 the software (is a “old” program)

You CAN install CDRWIN 5.05 under Windows7 x64 – I did it and it works perfect.

Follow the steps below and you should succeed!

1. Start cdrwin505-e.exe in WindowsXP SP3 or SP2 mode with Administrator rights
2. Make a User defined installation instead of the automatic installation
3. DO NOT select the installation of the “virtual CD/DVD”
4. Use the included copy of “wnaspi32.dll” and copy this into the installation directory
5. After this, you should start CDRWIN 5.05 as an Administrator.

And there you have it.



Blaupunkt FX 2012 V4 for RNS310 VW-Seat-Skoda

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