3G+/RNS850 upgrade fw, no sound after one minute

3G+/RNS850 upgrade fw

var yuipath = ‘clientscript/yui’;
var yuicombopath = ”;
var remoteyui = false;
else // Load Rest of YUI remotely (where possible)

var yuipath = ‘clientscript/yui’;
var yuicombopath = ”;
var remoteyui = true;
if (!yuicombopath)


var SESSIONURL = “s=7e197dba724da5b7ac33967f58681fd0&”;
var SECURITYTOKEN = “guest”;
var IMGDIR_MISC = “images/misc”;
var IMGDIR_BUTTON = “images/buttons”;
var vb_disable_ajax = parseInt(“0”, 10);
var SIMPLEVERSION = “4112”;
var LOGGEDIN = 0 > 0 ? true : false;
var THIS_SCRIPT = “showthread”;
var RELPATH = “showthread.php?t=36133”;


  1. 3G+/RNS850 upgrade fw, no sound after one minute

    Hi guys, question for experts. When I did update firmware Audi 3G+ from previous modified 612 to 775, and same in RNS 850 from modified 535 to 775, then everytime finished succesfully, all units write status OK, and final restart is too OK. After restart all work only +/- one two minutes, then stop sound. All buttons works OK, navi works OK, simply everything is OK, only no sound. I did maybe 10 Audis and 4 Touaregs where was modified 535/612, and everytime after one two minutes after last restart no sound. Have guy, who know repair this, but I must take out unit from car and everytime few days wait… So my question is – have someone experiences, what unit do this error = what unit skip in update? I am 99% sure that this is some error in modified 535/612, becoz when I did update to 775 from any other fw, then all is OK, only this one fw do this problem.


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